In a town full of secrets


SecretsAndrea left her home for school like any other day, but that afternoon she did not return. Concerned for her whereabouts, her parents began to search for her. However, after several days of no news, they decided to report her disappearance to the local police.

The authorities launched an exhaustive investigation to find Andrea, but no clues were found about her whereabouts. Amidst their anguish, a local young writer took an interest in the case and, with the help of his friend Ben, embarked on a perilous adventure to uncover the truth behind Andrea’s disappearance.

With his ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots and his sharp attention to detail, the writer began analyzing the available information on the case and speaking with people who knew Andrea.

Gradually, intriguing clues surfaced that, although not directly leading to the missing girl, suggested that something strange was afoot. The writer realized that, by delving deeper into the case, he was putting his and Ben’s lives in danger.