Victor Unda is a local author. He has been living and working in Pullman WA and Moscow ID for almost twenty-one years. Victor’s family moved from the west side of  Washington on the Olympic Peninsula to study at the Washington State University where they fell in love with the community and he and his wife decided to stay.

Victor has been publishing books with different editorials in Spain.  Lately he has published with the best editorials in the country: Penguin House Group Caligrama and Circulo Rojo among others. His books are everywhere from Amazon to Casa del Libro or Corte Ingles, one of the most recognize distributors in Spain.

His recent work called “Between Justice and Time” is a story inspired by a friend, a former Regents professor of English and Rhetoric at WSU, and the film Casablanca. Victor creates an intriguing story giving life to the characters as their journey unfolds.

His inspiration for writing came from his mother and her life for which he wrote a thesis about women’s rights and women’s movements. 

His daily work is programming in different coding languages which he enjoys, and he appreciates writing short stories at night or very early in the morning.

I am also grateful to my publishers for their support.

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